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Terms of Service [Tenndo]

4Geeks Technologies Inc., from here on "4Geeks" details in this document all the Terms and Conditions, from here on "terms" that are applicable to Tenndo's digital service. We remind you that by accessing and using this website, you expressly agree to the general terms of use. However, these terms are of knowledge and mandatory compliance for those who acquire and use the services of the Tenndo platform, from here on the "subscriber", at, so we invite you to read them carefully before deciding to use the product.

About service#

On the conditions described below and expressly accepted by the subscriber, Tenndo grants and concedes to the subscriber the non exclusive, revocable and non transferable right to view and create under the web platform one or more eCommerce stores. Tenndo grants a monthly or annual license, depending on the type of subscription, to use the platform and not the ownership of the platform itself.

Tenndo as a platform provides only the service to the subscriber. Therefore, subscriber carry out commercial activity unrelated to Tenndo or 4Geeks such as discounts, promotions and the like within the framework of the legality of its business, whether or not including third parties. In the event of a dispute related to such commercial activity, the parties involved must deal solely and exclusively with the merchant, for purposes of these terms, the subscriber. In addition, once it is decided to suspend the subscription, the eCommerce store created and its information will be removed from the databases eight days after the suspension of the account.


The terms described in this document take effect once the platform is subscribed. The service is contracted digitally through a subscription to the plan of choice of Tenndo and respecting the conditions of the website. The subscriber must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a plan. All information entered in the form must be legitimate, otherwise, rectification may be requested.

To obtain a Tenndo subscription you must create an account using the form available on the website. The account requires a valid and active email address, full name of the subscriber and name of the store which is considered for the creation of the domain of your eCommerce store. In case of non-compliance with the terms described in this document, Tenndo is free to delete your account and eCommerce store.

After the initial subscription process, you will receive an email confirming your request and then an email with the login data, registration and other information of your own eCommerce store. Access is private and exclusive to the subscriber, therefore, the subscriber will be responsible for maintaining such information in complete confidentiality and responsibility, Tenndo is not responsible for third party access that occurs due to lack of care or negligence in the conservation of such information.

About Platform and Payment Gateway#

Tenndo has a free trial period for 7 days, during this trial period the subscriber is entitled to use all features and benefits of the StartUp plan. At the end of this trial period the data of the eCommerce store created by the subscriber is kept in the system for 8 days, during this period the subscriber can acquire a plan of the platform or cancel the subscription.

At the moment a plan is purchased, the subscriber is affiliated to Tenndo and accepts the following conditions:

All sales made through the platform will be made in the name of the merchant, with a delivery system of the subscriber's preference and unlinked to the service offered by the platform. Therefore, Tenndo is not responsible for the condition, shipping or stock availability of the products offered by the subscriber in the eCommerce store. In no event shall Tenndo be liable for any damages arising from the use of the platform and/or content made available to users through the eCommerce stores.

The sales service provided by Tenndo has operating costs and service commission. Depending on the preferred plan, the subscription cost is 39 USD for the StartUp plan and 79 USD for the Professional plan, both on a monthly subscription. There is the possibility of an annual subscription, which has a discounted benefit for both plans.

Tax charges under the business relationship executed under these terms shall be paid by the parties as appropriate.

The content published by the subscriber in the eCommerce store is his sole responsibility, Tenndo does not participate or intervene in this content; in turn this is in accordance with the applicable rules.

Tenndo is not responsible in any case for the use and/or damage that users, or other third parties, give to the content that the subscriber maintains in its eCommerce store. In turn, the subscriber accepts in these terms that his/her content is displayed on the internet and stored in databases.

Tenndo is not responsible for making refunds, honoring warranties, or making compensation for damages to users. Therefore, the subscriber assumes the obligation in this case and undertakes under these terms to comply with the applicable rules.

Tenndo is not responsible, or liable, for any third party related issues such as: products not sold or developed by 4Geeks, but which have been linked to the platform; internet connection and/or any other factor that prevents reaching the bandwidth necessary to load the platform and its functionalities; malicious acts such as hacking, virus propagation, service interruption attacks, introduction of malicious code, trojans or unauthorized access to accounts; as well as any other factor beyond the scope of Tenndo's control.

At the time the subscriber purchases a plan, Tenndo accepts the following conditions as true and disclaims liability for them:

Subscriber's business is duly organized and incorporated, operating in full compliance with the laws of the applicable jurisdiction.

Subscriber accepts these Terms on behalf of its trade given the requisite legal authority to do this.

The business, its suppliers and others involved comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other legal conditions regarding the conduct of business, sale and purchase of products.

Subscriber offering third party products does so in such a way that the same: do not incite violence, are not considered illegal; do not incite discrimination of any kind, do not promote offensive content of any kind.

Subscriber may not duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any part, service or functionality of the Platform, without express permission and authorization, which Tenndo is not obligated to grant.

According to the terms described in this document, in case of contact for support, request for services, among others, the subscriber and its internal business are responsible for designating the person responsible for such contact, as well as for assuming financial responsibility for the requests. Therefore, Tenndo assumes that by having contact with the merchant, this person is authorized for the management and that any request sent to such contact is also authorized to be paid and carried out by the subscriber.

E-commerce stores created through the Tenndo platform include a .net subdomain that is owned by each subscriber for the duration of the plan. Tenndo is at all times the owner of the domain, therefore under these terms, upon termination of a plan with the platform the subscriber has no rights to the subdomain.

Tenndo provides as a first choice of payment gateway service 4Geeks Payments, if the subscriber would like to make use of this service must create an account at With this account, the subscriber must fill out a form and present the corresponding documentation in order to obtain the production credentials, which allow the business to accept online payments. The account can then be used to keep track of transactions.

By agreeing to use 4Geeks Payments, Subscriber must agree with the following in accordance with these terms:

  • 4Geeks owns the 4Geeks Payments application, which is an Application Programming Interface (API) application that allows software developers to make electronic sales.

  • 4Geeks authorizes any subscriber to use the 4Geeks Payments application free of charge as long as, under the terms described in this document, the subscriber has contracted a plan with the Tenndo platform.

  • 4Geeks Payments as a payment gateway, as well as Tenndo as an eCommerce platform service provider, reserve their right to business not allowed for a subscription. The above, according to the nature and business model they present.


The subscriber, by means of the payment information provided, makes payments automatically according to the plan and mode purchased, monthly or annually, on the date established since the service is purchased. In case of problems with the account provided to make the credits, or any other situation for which the payment is not made, the subscriber is notified in a series of occasions and by the registered means, as a starting point the email provided. If a response is not obtained, Tenndo is free to suspend the services provided by the platform, as well as, after 1 month, to delete information from the databases.

Support and Updates#

The technical support provided by Tenndo with respect to the services offered by the platform is granted only and exclusively to subscribers.

Upgrades are applied generally and free of charge for all eCommerce stores registered on the platform at the moment. In order to improve the experience of subscribers and end users, previous versions of the platform may not be maintained at the request of the subscriber.

Applicable Law#

According to these terms in case of a dispute related to the services provided by the platform, as well as any conflict between the subscriber and Tenndo, the applicable law is the state of Delaware, United States of America. Under such jurisdiction, it has jurisdiction to proceed with any claim arising out of or related to the provision of this service.

Tenndo assumes that the subscriber has read, understood and accepted on behalf of its business, the terms and conditions described and stipulated in this document.

Effective Date#

These terms are effective as of May 1, 2021 and were last updated on May 1, 2021. 4Geeks Technologies Inc. reserves the right to make updates to the provisions of this document.

Changes to This Terms#

At our discretion, we may change our terms to reflect Tenndo service updates, legislative or regulatory changes. If we decide to change these terms and conditions, we will post the changes here at the same link through which you are accessing these terms. We recommend that you check the terms regularly to see if there are any updates or changes that may affect you as a user of the platform. We clarify that if you do not accept such modifications, you have to stop using the services.

Contact Information#

If you have any questions or concerns about this document, you can contact us via email or sending us your request on website

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